Are You Putting Your Entrepreneurial Dreams At Risk?

Are You Putting Your Entrepreneurial Dreams At Risk?

You are if you haven’t consulted with a business lawyer in Fairfax, VA

A lot of work is involved with starting and operating a business, including wading through and abiding by government regulations. Shield your company from legal troubles with assistance from Eisenhower & Laufer, P.C.

Our attorneys have helped countless business owners since 1985 by providing skilled, knowledgeable and detail-oriented legal services. We strive to build lasting relationships with every client. Hire Eisenhower & Laufer, P.C. for:

  • Business formation/incorporation
  • General legal counsel for all business entities
  • Commercial litigation
  • Commercial transactions
  • Shared responsibility provisions

We  are an experienced group of attorneys who focus on helping you meet your goals in and out of the courtroom. Schedule a consultation by calling our Fairfax, VA office at 703-352-9690.

Dedicated legal assistance is only a phone call away

Once you make an appointment with Eisenhower & Laufer, P.C., we’ll take an in-depth look at your case to build a claim that will result in the most positive outcome for you. In addition to commercial law, you can also count on our attorneys for counsel in matters relating to real estate, and estate law.

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