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Mr. Eisenhower graduated from Franklin College, Franklin, Indiana in 1969 with a B.A. in History.  He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, earned his Naval Aviator Wings, and served until 1973 with the rank of Captain.  In 1977, Mr. Eisenhower graduated Cum Laude from The International School of Law, now George Mason University Law School.

            From 1977- 1985,  Mr. Eisenhower was an associate with the District of Columbia law firm of McGee & Ketcham and a partner in Haggerty & Eisenhower, concentrating in federally regulated natural gas pipeline and producer regulation, and was counsel for clients in numerous cases before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. He was lead counsel in Southern Union Gas Company v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 725 F.2d 99 (10th Cir. 1984) and co-counsel in Southern Union Gathering Company v. FERC, 687 F. 2d 87 (5TH Cir. 1982) and Gulf Energy and Development Corp. v. FERC, 616 F. 2d 1211 (D. C. Cir.1980)

With an extensive background in administrative, federal law, tax law, commercial law, and appellate practice, he moved to Fairfax, Virginia in 1985, co-founding, what is now, Eisenhower & Laufer, P.C.

Mr. Eisenhower’s practice concentrates in the area of estate law, including wills, simple and complex trusts, special needs trusts, estate planning for business owners, estate taxes, estate administration and estate litigation.  He has published several works including:

"Spouse's Rights and Family Maintenance," "Closing the Estate," and "Ethics in Probate  Practice" in Basic Probate Procedures and Practice in Virginia, National Business Institute: Eau Claire,2003;

"Executors and Administrators," "Administration of Estate," and "Litigation in Probate Court" in The Probate Process From Start to Finish in Virginia, National Business Institute:Eau Claire, 2002;

         Understanding Basic Probate Tax Procedures, National Business Institute: Eau Claire, 2001; and

                  "Fundamental Principles of Will Drafting,"Basic Tax Considerations: What you need know in order to choose the appropriate plan" and "Planning Methods to Control Medical       Treatment" in How to Draft Wills and Trusts in Virginia, National Business Institute: Eau   Claire, 1997.

      He has been of the adjunct faculty at Marymount University, Arlington, Virginia, where he taught torts, federal law, contracts and estate law in the paralegal master’s program.

      Mr. Eisenhower is rated A-V by Martindale-Hubbell, and is a frequent lecturer on estate and retirement planning to federal agencies, churches, community and union groups.